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Parent Liaison


Anastasia Barnes Holmes,-Parent Liaison/Community Engagement Specialist

I am Anastasia Barnes Holmes and I stand as a cornerstone in the vibrant educational framework of Clayton County Public Schools, embodying the roles of both Parent Liaison and Community Engagement Specialist with unwavering dedication and expertise. My work is pivotal in bridging the gaps between the school, its students' families, and the wider community, fostering an environment where collaborative relationships thrive for the benefit of every student's educational journey.

In  my role as a Parent Liaison, I champion the cause of ensuring that parents and guardians are more than just informed—they are active participants in their children’s education. I organize informative parent workshops, facilitates seamless communication between school and home, and provides an array of resources and guidance to help families effectively navigate the educational system. Recognizing the unique challenges and strengths of each family, I provide tailored support, ensuring that no child's educational potential is limited by external circumstances. 

Extending my reach as a Community Engagement Specialist, I take on the responsibility of intertwining the school with the broader Clayton County community. My efforts in developing partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and civic groups are transformative, bringing valuable resources and opportunities to the schools, while reinforcing the role of the educational institution as a key pillar in the community. To this end, I organize engaging community events, coordinates volunteer programs, and spearheads initiatives that create a nurturing environment for students, both in and outside of school settings. 

My expertise in areas of communication, cultural sensitivity, and understanding community dynamics is key in creating a supportive network that goes beyond the conventional educational confines. I am also a staunch advocate for educational equity, dedicated to ensuring that every student has access to the necessary resources and opportunities for success. 

I treasure the fact that I  am more than a title holder at Clayton County Public Schools; I am a beacon of commitment, nurturing a community where education is a collective responsibility and where each child is equipped and inspired to reach their highest potential.