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James A. Jackson Elementary

1.    How are students chosen to be tested to receive gifted services?

In order for a student to be considered as a possible candidate for testing by the In-School Review Team, the following criteria must be met:

·       Student is performing at least two years above grade level in reading and/or math (STAR Test).

·       Student has the following Lexile Scores:

o   Kinder Lexile > 250

o   1st Grade Lexile > 500

o   2nd Grade Lexile > 620

o   3rd Grade Lexile > 800

o   4th Grade Lexile > 900

o   5th Grade Lexile > 970

·       For Grades 3-5: GMAS – Distinguished Learner in any area

·       SLO Posttest > 96


2.    What happens if the In-School Review Team selects my child for gifted testing?

After the In-School Review Team reviews all academic data for possible candidates, they refer the student to the gifted lead teacher. The gifted lead teacher will then contact you in order to gain consent for testing. After you grant permission to test, the gifted testing process will begin.

3.    What happens during the gifted testing, and what scores are necessary in order for my student to qualify to receive gifted services?

The gifted testing process is lengthy and very rigorous. Georgia law requires that students are tested in the following areas: Mental Ability, Achievement, Creativity, and Motivation. The criteria requirements for each area are:

          Mental Ability > 96th Percentile

          Achievement > 90th Percentile

          Creativity > 90th Percentile

Motivation > 90th Percentile

*Students must meet the scoring criteria in at least 3 categories in order to qualify to receive gifted services.

4. What about High Potential?

High Potential is a program that provides enrichment services to students that are identified as high achievers and/or did not meet the qualifications to receive gifted services. Enrollment in the program is determined by the lead gifted teacher by using norm-referenced scale scores from gifted testing, STAR Reading, STAR Math as well as SLO testing data. Only the top 10% from each grade level is considered for High Potential. Enrollment does not transfer from year to year nor from school to school. Participants are reevaluated and selected each school year.

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